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D Himachandra 5 Excellent experienced Teaching, more interesting learn with real time scenarios. I feel very best platform to learn SAP FICO.
G Dharma 5 Best training platform for SAP fico and real time.
Rajesh 5 Excellent teaching with all real time scenarios and this is the place where we can learn togather from basics to expertise in SAP
Giri 5 Best learning platform for SAP FICO
Subbarao 5 Nice the way sir was explaining the it's all really helpful to my job as well
Subbarao 5 Nice
Ram 5 I got lot of knowledge by this training sessions . Very helpful to me . best training platform.. thanks to venkat sir ..
Mohan Siva Prasad 5 Good concept clarity and Clear explanation for the doubts, this is the best place for getting good knowledge in SAP FICO for both real time and SAP FICO class and I got good Guidance for facing interview. Thank you so much anna.
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